Physical Symptoms

- Difficulty sleeping

- Sweating

- Trembling

- Shaking hands

- Rapid heart rate

- Chest pain

- Dizziness, lightheaded

- Feeling like you can’t take a deep breath

- Feeling thirsty

- Stomachaches, diarrhea, urgency

- Headaches

- Restlessness

- Muscle tension

​​- Fatigue

Symptoms of Anxiety:

In general, people experience anxiety in three ways:
1. Physically: how your body feels
2. Mentally: your thoughts
3. Behaviorally: your actions
​These symptoms can take many forms. Below are some examples of each:

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Mental Symptoms 

- Constant worry about things that might happen

- Worry (rumination) about things that have already

- Overly concerned about issues related to safety &

- Trouble concentrating

- Overly focused on the potential for humiliation
& embarrassment

- Anticipating negative outcomes (“I’m going to

- Catastrophizing/blowing things out of proportion (“No one will ever like me”) 

- "What if" thinking (“What if my mom doesn’t pick me up? What if something bad happens to her?”)

- Pessimism; expecting the worst case scenario

- Over-exaggerating the negatives (“Bad things ALWAYS happens to me”)

- Rigid and inflexible thoughts (insisting that things have to be a certain way)

- Perfectionistic and overly self-critical (“I’ll never be good enough”)​

Behavioral Symptoms

- Avoiding or dreading various situations or objects

- Withdrawal from activities

- Social isolation

- Nail biting, fidgeting, pacing 

- Freezing

- Tantrums, crying

- Yelling, aggression, irritability

- Excessively clingy

- Safety behaviors:

     - Not attending an event without a parent/trusted friend

     - Refusing to leave home without a cell phone

     - Always having anti-anxiety medications on hand ‘just in case’

     - Always keeping a bottle of water in the car

- Reassurance seeking (e.g., asking a lot of questions as a means of reducing anxiety associated with the unknown): 

     - "What time are you going to pick me up?"

     - "Are you sure there won't be a bad storm tonight?"

     - "Are you sure I won't get sick?"

     - "Are you sure the other kids will be nice to me?"